My Journey to Financial Independence and Retiring Early


Icee | www.thefiredrill.comHi, my name is Icee and I am the author of The Fire Drill. I’m working my way towards paying off over $46,000 in student loan debt and gaining financial independence.
I started this blog to share financial, travel, and business tips with my friends and family and to hold myself accountable for my goals.
FIRE stands for “Financial Independence, Retire Early”. Here at The Fire Drill, I’ll show you everything I’m doing to get to financial independence as quickly as possible. I hope that you are inspired by my journey, learn from my mistakes, and join me on the FIRE path.




A Different Kind of Financial Focus

  1. Most financial advice warns you of the dangers of credit cards and interest and advise their readers to stay away from them. I love credit cards! I use them for free/cheap travel all over the world and don’t pay a dime in interest – you can too! Oh, and I don’t worry too much about my credit score (say what?!). Probably because…
  2. I don’t think I’ll ever buy a house (to live in). Mobility is important to me and I don’t want a huge percentage of my net worth to be tied up in a home that may or may not appreciate in value. Unless it’s an income producing asset, I’m not interested right now.
  3. I save a large percentage of my income. The standard 10-15% doesn’t cut it if you want to gain financial independence and retire early. Try 50-70% (or more!).
  4. Always hustle. I’m constantly looking into ways to bring in extra income on the side of my full time job. If I lost my job tomorrow, I know 3 different ways I can make money to support myself.

Join me on the path to becoming debt free and living your dreams.