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January 2017 Spending Report

January Spending Report |

Here’s everything I spent money on this month!

January 2017 Spending |

  • Car:
    • Auto Insurance: $82 – This is greyed out since I pay that every 6 months, so it holds over a portion of my monthly budget to account for that payment.
    • Gas & Fuel: $84 – Under budget, whoo hoo!
    • Service & Parts: $201 – I got an oil change and had some other maintenance done on my car. This portion rolls over every month, so I should be good on car stuff for a while.
  • Bills/Utilities:
    • Mobile phone: $35 – I use Cricket which includes all taxes and fees.
    • TV + Internet: This actually went up this year. I pay more for faster internet service now so we can stream and game at the same time without either lagging. This also includes Netflix & Hulu subscriptions.
  • Entertainment: $20 – I took myself to the movies once.
  • Food & Dining: $339 – this is the overall category and includes spending on lunch, groceries, and any other dining out that I do. I went over in this category by about $70 which means I either need to scale back or increase my budget. But I also took a weekend trip to Atlanta, so we’ll see if I need to adjust this next month.
  • Home: $37 – I bought a couch pillow and a frame for some art that I bought last year in Kenya (bad photo below). 🙂

    Maasai Warriors Painting |
    Maasai Warriors Painting
  • Personal Care: $12 – I purchased some face wipes, which worked out to $12 and received two $5 Target gift cards that I can spend in the future.
  • Travel: This category is negative since I have it roll over the unused amounts every month. I budget $200 per month in travel and only bought a $96 roundtrip ticket to Atlanta last month, so there’s a lot of carry over from December and previous months. I did actually spend $44 on Uber rides in Atlanta while I was there.
  • I didn’t spent anything on gifts/donations (though I did donate some items I no longer use to Goodwill), health & fitness, pets, or shopping.
  • Everything Else: $214 – Slightly over budget…This includes things I don’t really budget category for like fees, parking, and various online services/classes I sign up for.

Overall, I spent $1,065 this month (not including any rollover category credits). Not bad.

What’s not included here?

  • I bought a few things in cash this month and I can’t quite remember what they were. I spent about $15 on food and a drink at a bar…and maybe $20 somewhere else…probably also food related.
  • I received an Amazon gift card in December that I’ve been slowly spending down. I bought a few books, some toiletries, and a part for my car for about $60 worth of the balance. Still $140 left! I was looking to spend this on a handheld clothing steamer so I could get rid of my bulky floor model, but I was able to get one that my mom thrifted a while back for free!
  • I put $2,000 towards my student loan balance and added $115 to my HSA.

In other News…

I stopped my 401k contributions for now. 🙁 I am trying to get these student loans paid off, and that was the best way to free up my cashflow. I should be able to start them up again later this year, so we’ll see if I can get back to maxing that out later.

I’m getting a bonus (& a 401k match)! This was unexpected and I’m still not sure how much, but that was a nice surprised that I learned about in January. Good thing I maxed my 2016 contributions!

That’s all I have for January! How did you do on your January budget?

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